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Beware of that job offer

You’ve finally completed a month’s worth of interviews and have a great job offer but should you accept it?  There could be warning signs that you missed or you could be anxious to get that job with the company of your dreams.   In this tight labor market job candidates have an opportunity to really think about what’s important to them for a successful career. Continue reading

There are no life preservers when you jump jobs

Jennifer was a smart, rising marketing product manager for a top consumer products company when she got an offer from a new brand to take over product promotional marketing.  Although she liked what she was doing, she was having trouble with the cost of living in the Boston area where she could only afford a very small studio apartment, so she took the offer and relocated to a small town in the Midwest. Continue reading

Employees hate open offices

unknownSUMMARY: If you want to retain great people, you should learn from people who leave your company. Aesthetics matter, but not in the way that you might assume. It’s cool and trendy to have an open, loft-style work environment with a ping pong table and a fancy espresso machine on the side. It’s even cooler if you let your employees work from home as needed and give them a dedicated and quiet space when they come into the office.

Continue reading

5 things that stress people out the most at work

woman-and-papers-stressedStress is a common roadblock to productivity at work. But what exactly is stressing workers out?Wrike, a project management software provider, decided to find out by asking 1,500 knowledge workers in various positions and companies to rank a list of common work hurdles from the most to the least stressful. Continue reading