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Not seeing good candidates? Blame your recruiter(s)

A client of ours recently complained that she was not interviewing any good candidates for some opening marketing positions within her emarketing group.  When we investigated her company’s hiring process, we found that a lot of very qualified candidates were not making it through the HR process.  HR can be the biggest barrier to finding great candidates so hiring managers need to work very closely with recruiters to ensure that people THEY want are making it through the hiring process. Continue reading

Don’t try to fill a position with just qualifications

Too many applicants are sorted strictly by experience and certifications. With so much emphasis on choosing employees who check off all the right boxes, very little attention is paid to how they might actually do the job. It’s a system that’s prone to overlooking many qualified applicants, but today HR is more interested in just finding someone to “just do the job” without thinking “will they do the job really well?” Continue reading

Are executive recruiters relics?

employment-recruiters-300x188SUMMARY: Executive recruiters usually have a love hate relationship with HR people. Like any industry, there are executive recruiters who are excellent, but all too often there are recruiters who pretend to be a candidate’s best friend to get a resume, but as soon as the person is no longer a candidate they are dropped like a bad habit. Continue reading