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If you want happy workers, stop treating them like children

employee-perksRecently, there’s been something of a happiness backlash against America’s obsession with feeling happy at work. That’s because some companies have been going about it in the wrong way, working on short-term solutions that tend to treat employees more like children than adults who add real value to an organization. Continue reading

HR people need to be a detective in an exit interview

If you’re losing good people the most important thing you can do, as a company, is to conduct an in depth exit interview and to take action on what you find. However, too many HR people are afraid of the political ramifications of potentially “rocking the boat” and by failing to bring issues to management’s attention they are endangering your organization. Continue reading

What does work owe you?

You put in a lot of time on your job.  You’re there early, and leave late and check email on the weekends.  Does your employer really owe you anything?  The sad answer is no.  However, smart employers realize that the way to recruit and keep talented people is to exceed their expectations and treat them as, well, people, not numbers on a balance sheet. Continue reading

Millennials not engaged with your company

2773It’s a contradiction: Millennials are extremely digitally connected, yet they are unattached to institutions and employers.  While millennials are 11 times more likely than those of older generations to report using Twitter and are nearly 40% more likely to send and read emails, their levels of engagement and attachment with employers are significantly lower than those among members of older generations. Continue reading

 Building Trust In The Workplace

unknownHow many people trust their managers? A recent study by Edelman found that one in three employees don’t trust their employer. Another study by EY found that number to be even lower, with only 46% having trust in their organization, and 49% in their boss/team. Trust is one of the most important things you need in the workplace. Without it you won’t have the environment you need for an effective feedback culture to grow. So how can you help close the trust gap between employees and managers? Continue reading