Easier to fire employees?

The “deconstruction” of the “administrative state” means that businesses are going to put profits and sales ahead of almost everything from rules that safeguard our environment to laws that protect employees from being fired for random reasons. 

In many states it takes a lot of paperwork to terminate employees.  Paperwork trails have to be started along with multiple meetings with HR and reporting managers.  While this may seem cumbersome these laws are meant to protect employees from unjust termination.   Other states are what is called “right to work states” which essentially means that an employer can fire you for sneezing if they want to.

Amgen, a biotech company in California, has, for example, fired people to downsize the company, but they seem to fire people who are older and have had excellent performance reviews.  It’s one of the reasons they have slipped to the bottom of the pile when it comes to innovation.

Despite the possible relaxation of workplace laws HR people have to be on guard.  Just as power is shifting from marketers to consumers the same is happening in the workplace.  Employees are talking to one another on social media and talking about your company and its working environment.  This is especially troubling as Millennials are more interested in work quality versus title or compensation.

People Management Flow Chart

HR managers need to start thinking about installing some new workplace rules when it comes to hiring and firing.  Organizations that think they can simply fire someone because he, or she, does not fit in are in for a rude awakening.  Just as consumers are boycotting brands who support Trump candidates will stay far away from employers who are perceived to have stressful and bad work environments.

Over last year the former employees of Google and Apple have written stories about why they left what is perceived to be a great company.  In all cases, they left, not because of money, but because they had no work-life balance and did not have the time to do the things they enjoy.  In addition, political infighting within the organizations continue to claim good employees.

HR managers should be prepared for what’s coming and they have to take action to ensure that management doesn’t see a new administration as a free-hand to get rid of people they don’t like.

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